9Fine Bleach Cream with Oxygen Booster


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Size: 237 GM

Application area: Face

Skin Type: All skin types

Formulation: Cream

Ideal for : Unisex

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9Fine Bleach Cream with Oxygen Booster

skin breathing & hide unwanted hair.

9fine Cream Bleach with oxygen booster is a powerful boost of oxygen into your skin. Oxygen Booster contains significant leavels of oxygen to help replenish and stimulate skin cells. 

Available for all skin types if you want to make the facial hair invisible, then use the 9 Fine Bleach Cream with Oxygen Booster which will lighten up your facial hair making you look fair and beautiful. The oxygen booster present in the bleach cream will give you the proper oxygen required to get a healthy skin. If you are worried with any type of skin allergies or damage caused by using chemicals on the skin, then do prefer the bleach cream made by 9 Fine as it will work in an effective manner on your skin making it attractive.

It is made by a company who deals in cosmetic products which are made keeping in consideration the skin problems and different skin types of individual. So stop bothering and use the great bleach, which will even change your complexion, making you fair and bright. Get to know the beauty of the cream by using it and see the difference you will notice in your personality.  The bleach cream will revitalize and make your skin healthy. Being a unisex product it can be used by both the male and female to get the glowing and beautiful skin making facial hair light.

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