9Fine Classic Hair Color Cream-5.26 Brilliant Red Light Brown


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Size: 120 ML

Application area: Hair

Hair Type: All hair types

Formulation: Cream

Ideal for : Unisex

Price: Rs.180
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9Fine Classic Hair Color Cream-5.26 Brilliant Red Light Brown

Acquire the perfect, rich, lasting shades in your hair by applying this unique Brilliant Red, Light Brown Hair Color Cream from 9 Fine. You can obtain a complete hair color that lasts longer and also conditions your hair from root to tip and prevents hair fall. This hair color cream keeps your scalp hydrated and treat dry scalp problems along with coloring your hair. The gentle coloring hair formulation gives a complete hair coverage and conduct the skin allergy test before using this product for safety precautions. Filled with the goodness of Jojoba oil, the unique properties of the oil penetrate deep into the roots and strengthen the hair from inside. It is available with a rich, creamy texture and does not drip when coloring and does not wash out easily.

Sunshine Personal Care Pvt. Ltd has a wide range of personal care products that specializes in hair care under the brand name 9fine. The brand has a team of veterans in R and D department and it is focused on product development, quality control and standardization. With this Hair Color Cream from 9 Fine Classic, you can obtain a brilliant and shining Red, Light Brown hair that gives you the stylish look than ever. 

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