9Fine Dandruff Control Non Greasy Lotion


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Size: 50 ML

Application area: Hair

Hair Type: All hair types

Formulation: Lotion

Ideal for : Unisex

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9Fine Dandruff Control Non Greasy Lotion

removes dandruff in just 3 applications.

9fine Dandruff Control Lotion Is an excellent Ayurvedic preparation. It’s effective formulation contains a balanced combination of proven herbal anti-fungal and hair nourishing ingredients, which strengthen hair follicles, vitalize scalp and ensure helthy hair care since 9fine Dandruff Control Lotion is free from harmful chemicals: it does not have any side effects and can be ideally used for prolonged time.

The 9Fine Dandruff Control Non Greasy Lotion is a perfect treatment to protect your hair from dandruff. It will give you a permanent solution from dandruff which always been a problem in many individuals. Made totally with natural ingredients it has products which are anti-fungal and antibacterial which will not only revitalize your hair growth but also give you complete rid of dandruff. Get the beauty of your hair back by using the great lotion which will keep your hair healthy and protect it from further damages. Get it and see the change in your dull hair and make them shiny and beautiful again.

Made totally herbal you don’t have to worry about any type of chemicals as the lotion is 100% safe and pure. You can use it for prolonged to keep your hair rid of dandruff and keep them maintained and attractive. It will strengthen your hair and reduce hair fall and give the proper nourishment required to regenerate hair growth. It can be used by both the genders to treat the skin problems like dandruff which are very common nowadays.  The lotion is so effective and great that it will remove dandruff in 3 applications only.

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