9Fine Diamond Bleach Cream


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Size: 237 GM

Application area: Face

Skin Type: All skin types

Formulation: Cream

Ideal for : Unisex

Price: Rs.160
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9Fine Diamond Bleach Cream

for glowing skin. natural fairness in 15 minutes.

9fine Diamond Bleach Cream helps remove tanned appearance and lightens the skin tone. 9fine Diamond cream Bleach gives a new life to the stressed out and tired looking skin. 9fine Diamond Bleach Cream ultimately results in pre-mature ageing of the skin. It also refreshes, rejuvenates & detoxifies the skin.

Get a glowing and fairer looking skin with the use of 9Fine Diamond Bleach Cream. If you are embarrassed with the unwanted facial hair, then 9 Fine has brought out a great bleach which will lighten up your hair making your complexion fair. Done very nicely it only makes your skin complexion and hides the unwanted hair, but it also rejuvenates your skin. It will remove the stress and the tension which causes your skin to look dull and the damaged cells, which make you appear older than your age. The cream is being made nicely to give you the everlasting glow on your skin.

It will remove the suntan of your skin and make the skin tone even. You will surely notice the change in your face and your confidence level after using the great bleach. Made for all skin types it is available in 237 grams and the cream formulation makes it easy to apply.

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