9Fine Glow Fruit Scrub Gel


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Size: 450 GM

Application area: Face

Skin Type: All skin types

Formulation: Cream

Ideal for : Unisex

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9Fine Glow Fruit Scrub Gel

An ultimate skin exfoliation, enriched with glow fruit & botanical extracts. The scrub removes the dead cells and opens the pores of the skin leaving it soft and shining. The skin is prepared for further treatment.

Give your skin a radiant natural glow by using this 9Fine Fruit Scrub Gel from. This Fruit Scrub Gel opens and unclogs the pores by significantly removing the dead skin cells from your face. It leaves your skin soft and shiny by bringing in skin revitalization and rejuvenation. It prepares your skin for further treatment and is designed for oily skin prone to imperfections. Use this facial scrub 2-3 times in a week and obtain the visible results of glowing skin. This scrub gel is available in cream formulation and comes in a pack of 450 grams. It contains natural exfoliating particles that deeply cleanse to unclog pores and eliminate impurities.

If you are a lover of fruit and you would like to integrate fruits in your everyday life use this exceptional 9FineFruit Scrub Gel from. This scrub gel helps you in protecting against the appearance of imperfections and cleanses your skin significantly. You are sure to obtain a radiant looking skin like never before and it is dermatological tested as well. Give a revitalized and rejuvenated look to your skin and make it more beautiful with the radiant complexion using this exclusive fruit scrub gel.

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