9Fine Hair Colour Developer 6 Percent


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9Fine Hair Colour Developer 6 Percent

The most significant way of getting rid of gray hair is by using this 9Fine Hair Color Developer 6. This Developer is from the house of 9 Fine which is the perfect brand that manufactures an excellent range of hair care products. It contains a natural formula that protects your hair color for longer time and does not fade away with washing. You are definite to obtain a lustrous and shiny hair at the same time protects your hair color significantly. You get a silky smooth finish and it is available in a bottle of 500ml. This color developer provides the ideal viscosity for use with bowl and brush or applicator bottle. It is available in a liquid formulation and is suitable for all hair types. This developer opens up the hair shaft so the color can sink in and you need to determine which strength of the developer you actually require.

9 Fine presents this Hair Color Developer 6 which is a true bliss. 9 Fine has an extensive range of products that are processed using the best quality raw material and advanced technology. There is the team of skilled professionals in the Research and Development team that deliver the best quality products that excel the satisfaction of the customers.

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