9Fine Herbal Hair Color for Men-Natural Brown


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Size: 18 GM

Application area: Hair

Hair Type: All hair types

Formulation: Powder

Ideal for : Men

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9Fine Herbal Hair Color for Men-Natural Brown

‘9fine Fast’ Is enriched with Henna, Bhringraj, Shikakai and Methi.

‘Henna’ gives coloured to the hair.. naturally ‘Bhringraj’, termed as keshya in ayurvedic which means ‘beneficial to hair’, arrests hair loss and prevents pre-mature graying. ‘Shikakai’ acts as a conditioning agent giving natural shine and glow to the hair. ‘Methi’ works as an excellent moisturizing agent and also controls dandruff.

Get your hair colored and get the matured dashing look to make yourself impressive. Use the 9Fine Herbal Hair Color for Men-Natural Brown which is a great product blended with nice ingredients to give your hair the natural color and plus the strength and beautiful looks. Perfect for men you can use the color to any hair type to make you look perfect. The product has henna which will naturally color your hair and make them nice. The Bhringraj used in the product is a natural product which is used to regenerate your hair growth and prevent damage and hair loss.

The shikakai used in the product will give a natural conditioning to your hair making them glowing and shining. Methi is known to be a perfect product to deal with skin problems like dandruff. Made with great products which will not only give beautiful color to your hair and make your gray hair completely invisible but the product also will take care of your hair making them rejuvenate and vibrant. It is the most affordable and easiest way to get your hair colored and also give them a healthy appearance with smooth and soft texture.

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