9Fine Oxy-Facial Kit


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Size: 270 GM

Application area: Face

Skin Type: All skin types

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9Fine Oxy-Facial Kit

Get the right product for your skin, which will help your skin to regenerate and make it healthy. Use the 9Fine Oxy-Facial Kit, which has great oxygen level to increase your skin beauty and give you the energized skin. The kit has cleanser gel which will cleanse your pores, giving them the proper nourishment required to make it healthy. The nice scrub gel will exfoliate your skin, opening your pores so the other treatment goes into the deep of your skin giving it the perfect effect. The massage cream will improve the blood circulation and will stimulate cell renewal giving you nice skin.

The gel will make your skin soft and smooth and give your skin the necessary lubrication to make them hydrated. The face pack available in the skin will tighten your skin and remove the fine lines and the wrinkles which is being caused by the dryness of the skin. The toner serum will work as a protective shield to protect your skin from external damage and any type of further damage which could again take your natural beauty back giving you a dry and dull skin. Buy the great, wonderful product as it is worth buying.

Kit Contents are:

1. Oxy Facial Cleanser Gel

2. Oxy Facial Scrub Gel

3. Oxy Facial Massage Cream

4. Oxy Facial Massage Gel

5. Oxy Facial Face Pack

6. Oxy Facial Toner Serum

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