9Fine Pearl Facial Kit


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Size: 270 Gm

Application area: Face

Skin Type: Dry

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9Fine Pearl Facial Kit

For Pearly Glowing Complexion.

9fine Pearl Facial Kit is especially for those with long exposure to sun and reduces dark spots resulting in fairer

Pearl Cleanser Gel:

It is enriched with botanical extracts which nourishes and revitalizes the skin to its purest form.

Pearl Scrub Gel:

It removes the dead cells and opens the pores of the skin leaving it soft and shining. The skin is prepared for further treatment.

Pearl Massage Cream:

It helps to firm, tone and hydrate the skin by stimulating cell renewal. Uniquely smooth Pearl Massage Cream combined with botanical extract creates an entirely new massage experience.

Pearl Massage Gel:

A richly formulated gel gives the rightly lubricity for an effective relaxing massage. It replenishes the skin leaving a silky smooth finish.

Pearl Face Pack:

It is a very special blend of botanical extracts which leaves the skin smooth, tight and fresh. The smoothening & detoxifying action of Pearl face pack will come into play while the mask is drying on the face.

Pearl Toner Serum:

It delivers exceptional softening benefits, increases suppleness and enhances the glow of the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties that protect the skin from allergies & improves skin complexion.

Pearl facial is the perfect facial for those who wish for a fairer and whiter skin. Get an instant glow and fair complexion like never before by using this 9Fine Pearl Facial Kit . Obtain the celebrity look and get the glimpse of everyone during any occasion by using this pearl facial kit. Skin conditions like cellular skin damage can be countered using this kit. It helps in instant tan removal and significantly revitalizes and rejuvenates the dull, tired and sluggish skin, and brings an instant glow to your face. The kit comprises of cleanser gel, scrub gel, massage cream, and massage gel, face pack and toner serum. The cleanser is used for deep cleansing of your facial skin and helps in opening and unclogging the skin pores. The scrub gel is used to remove the dead cells and the massage cream gives a firm skin and stimulates cell renewal significantly.

9 Fine produces an extensive range of innovative and quality hair care products. The company has a team of highly skilled veterans in various fields which include R and D, marketing and manufacturing. The company uses a consumer-friendly approach to develop the products and the products are available throughout the country.

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