Adidas Dynamic Pulse Deo Body Spray


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Size: 150 ML

Application area: Body

Skin Type: All skin types

Formulation: Spray

Ideal for : Men

Price: Rs.175
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Adidas Dynamic Pulse Deo Body Spray

The Adidas Dynamic Pulse Deo Body Spray gives you 24 hour protection as it has been designed for the men who do a lot of active work in their day to day life. The deodorant has a great effective technology which gives a long lasting effect and also has a cooling effect which gets active when it comes in contact with the moisture. You will get a great aroma and fragrance and you can see the difference whenever you enter a room or go somewhere in any type of event. You will be notified by the crowd as the great deodorant leaves a mark on every one’s mind.

Available in a beautiful spray can, the deodorant looks classy and will add to your wardrobe. Buy it and get to know the feeling of being fresh and active throughout your regime or work. Made by Adidas which deals on the products especially made for sports person or individuals who like to work out or do fitness training the deodorant has all the qualities to keep you attractive. The nice fragrance of it is something which will make anyone go crazy. Have a great day with the use of the deodorant.

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