Adidas Intense Touch Deo Body Spray


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Size: 150 ML

Application area: Body

Skin Type: All skin types

Formulation: Spray

Ideal for : Men

Price: Rs.199
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Adidas Intense Touch Deo Body Spray

Get the perfect freshness in the morning before you go for your routine work. The new Adidas Intense Touch Deo Body Spray will give you 24 hours protection from perspiration and body odor. Made exclusively to keep the athletes in mind the extra effects body spray will give you the nice fragrance and keep your active life wonderful. Recommended for casual wear the exotic body spray has a great blend of kiwi, cedar and leather which gives it the earthy fragrance and the woody scent to keep you refreshed and fresh throughout the day. It will surely give you everlasting great fragrance which will make you desirable.

Made by Adidas Intense Touch Deo Body Spray has a great cooling sensation which will keep you refreshed whenever you are working out. The company is well known for various products like clothing and accessories. The nice brand is also known for various products made for the athletes to keep them comfortable and cool during their routine regime. Buy the Touch Deo Body Spray and get yourself the right one and body spray to keep your body smell good and make you presentable even during the time of exercise and fitness regime. Get it and make the right choice.

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