Adidas Team Force Deo Body Spray


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Size: 150 ML

Application area: Body

Skin Type: All skin types

Formulation: Spray

Ideal for : Men

Price: Rs.199
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Adidas Team Force Deo Body Spray

Wonderfully made to give your body the perfect and refreshing fragrance the Adidas Team Force Deo Body Spray is being made. It has been awarded the prestigious Fifi award in the year 2000. This great Deodorant is being made with nice products like grapefruit and jasmine which gives the Deodorant its nice and lively fragrance and gets you rid of the bad smell of body odor and perspiration. So forget the bad feeling of body odor by using the great team force Deodorant which is being made for the people who live an active life or the players who need something to get the real refreshing and cool feel.

Made by Adidas which gives its customers the guarantee of long lasting fragrance with the perfect technology of immediate cooling sensation! As soon as your body comes in contact with the moisture the great body spray will get reactivated and make the fragrance more elaborating and pleasing. The body spray is being brought in such a great spray can that it makes the spray easy to use whenever you require. The awesome packing and the nice body spray can keep the body spray in perfect condition and makes you feel fresh and active.

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