Aloe Veda Distil Castor Oil

Brand:Aloe Veda

Product Code:AV81014

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Size: 200 ML

Application area: Hair / Face

Skin Type: All skin type

Hair Type: All hair type

Formulation: Oil

Ideal for : Unisex

Price: Rs.225
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Aloe Veda Distil Castor Oil

Aloe Veda Castor Oil is made up of 100% Pure Castor Seeds and are then extracted by a modern method of cold pressing them. Traditionally, Castor Oil is believed to have its medicinal and therapeutic uses. An excellent moisturiser, Castor Oil works wonders for dry, dull skin that is exposed to sun and is prone to acne. Aloe Veda Castor Oil can be used for stretch marks as it lightens out dark spots and blemishes on your facial skin and body by repeated and a regular usage regimen. It acts on your marks and scars effectively lightening them. Castor Oil is rich in nutrients like Omega-9 and has fatty acids that nourish your skin from deep within. Aloe Veda Castor Oil can be used on your scalp as well. The Anti Bacterial properties of its constituents nourishes your hair removing any scalp irritant or dry flakes that damage your hair. With a regular usage, your hair experiences an increase in its volume and its strength.

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