Anne French Creme Tube Hair Remover-Sandal

Brand:Anne French

Product Code:AF176004

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Size: 60 GM

Application area: Body

Skin Type: All skin types

Formulation: Cream

Ideal for : Women

Price: Rs.52
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Anne French Creme Tube Hair Remover-Sandal

Hair removal through waxing is a painful process. It hurts and not all can take the pain. Sometimes girls need to go out without much time in their hand for the hair removing process. Anne French Crème Tube Hair Remover Sandal comes in as the saver in such times. The crème based formula removes unwanted hair in 7 minutes in an easy way. No pain and hassle free process. It is really simple to use. Spreading the cream using the provided spatula and then taking it off easily after 7 minutes - the easiest way to get rid of unwanted hairs. The sandal flavor soothes the skin and makes it soft and supple. Fresh fragrance that is light yet refreshing. Sandalwood has been used since long for a calming the skin irritation, burns, inflammations and other allergies. Anne French Sandal Hair Remover Cream combines the goodness of a sandal with the hair removing cream to give the user a soft, supple and moisturized skin. The crème will not cause any irritation or itchiness.

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