Aroma Magic Revitalising Serum Skin Care Concentrate Solution

Brand:Aroma Magic

Product Code:AM28087

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Size: 20 ML

Application area: Face

Skin Type: All skin types

Formulation: Serum

Ideal for : Unisex

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Aroma Magic Revitalising Serum Skin Care Concentrate Solution

Aroma has become one of the most trusted brands when it comes to the products related to body care and protection. With over hundreds of products in the body and skin care segment it is a good quality and a well trusted brand. Aroma Magic Revitalising Serum Skin Care Concentrate Solution liquid based serum is an effective concentrate for dry, shallow and tired skin.  It has an antibacterial and astringent property which helps to remove bacterial infections and opens the pores of the skin to make it dirt free. And reduces oil content of the skin. It is mostly made up of natural extracts from the flowers and other natural ingredients that forms a unique combination. The presence of flower extract leaves a very fain and long lasting smell which is one of the standout point about Aroma’s products. Presence of pure essential oils of rose, jasmine and geranium which imparts anti inflammatory properties to the skin and gives a clear and vibrant appearance.
It mainly hydrates the skin from deep within giving it a smooth appearance and making your face look vibrant.
It comes in 10 ampules of 2ml each. The ampules have to be pressed from the narrow side which breaks the neck at the band level.
Not tested on animals.
For cosmetic use only. Not to be injected.

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