Aroma Treasures Basil Tulsi Pure Essential Oil

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Aroma Treasures Basil Tulsi Pure Essential Oil

This Basil Tulsi Pure Essential Oil is an excellent nerve tonic that is used to improve your memory in a significant manner. It effectively improves the removal of catarrh matter and phlegm from bronchial tube. The catarrh matter is the extreme discharge or build-up of mucus in the throat or nose which results in the inflammation of the mucous membrane. This pure essential oil is outstanding aromatic oil that is used for treating nervous disorders. The Basil (Tulsi) present in this therapeutic oil features both antispasmodic and analgesic properties. This product when mixed up with the perfect quantity of base oil can be used for relieving stress, headache, allergy and migraine. The oil also serves effective against any kind of respiratory problems like sinus infections and asthma.

Aroma Treasures is the company which offers carefully formulated aromatherapy products. Each and every ingredient chosen to manufacture this product is carefully inspected for improving the beauty and health of the individuals. All the products of Aroma Treasures are manufactured to promote aromatherapy. Their range of products include skin care and hair care cosmetics, vegetable oils, essential oils, spa range, shampoos, facial kits and many more. Acquire the healing power and fight against infections by making use of this Tulsi Pure Essential oil of Aroma Treasures.

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