Aroma Treasures Bearberry Aha Gel

Brand:Aroma Treasures

Product Code:AT119009

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Size: 50 GM

Application area: Face

Skin Type: Combination

Formulation: Gel

Ideal for : Unisex

Price: Rs.285
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Aroma Treasures Bearberry Aha Gel

Transform your dull and boring look to a whiter, shinier and brighter look by using this Bearberry Aha Gel from Aroma Treasures. You are absolutely to gain a smooth, soft and supple skin when you apply this Aha Gel on your face. Massage your face and neck with this gel and feel relaxed, thereby gain the much fairer skin than ever. Best suited for acne, oily or combination skin and consists of jasmine, licorice and ylang. Bearberry is a beauty ingredient which is effective in brightening your skin. It is packed with antioxidants and has excellent natural sun shielding benefits for your skin. Licorice is another skin care ingredient that fights against acne, redness and rosacea (an unrelenting rosiness and group of rough patches which spread all over the skin). Jasmine used in the cream gives you a very refreshed feel to you with its exotic aroma.

Aroma Treasures are an excellent brand that develops Aromatherapy products in high quality in a natural way. All the products of the company are developed by mixing of vegetable oil, essential oil, mud, clay, sea salt and herbal extract. Balance your skin tone with the natural moisture and acquire the fairer look than ever with the help of this Bearberry Aha Gel from Aroma Treasures.

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