Aroma Treasures Hibiscus Shampoo

Brand:Aroma Treasures

Product Code:AT119041

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Size: 100 / 500 ML

Application area: Hair

Hair Type: All hair types

Formulation: Liquid

Ideal for : Unisex

Price: Rs.175

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Aroma Treasures Hibiscus Shampoo

Hibiscus is a great bliss to the mankind as it has numerous benefits than any other plant. The Hibiscus Shampoo of Aroma Treasures offers you the perfect shiny and lustrous hair. An effective way of preventing hair loss and to make your bad hair days the past memory, you can apply this Hibiscus Shampoo. Hibiscus is a wonderful ingredient that repairs damaged hair and effectively enhance hair growth.  It considerably prevents thinning of hair and promotes a long and thick hair. It is good in preventing premature graying of your hair and offers good nourishment to your scalp. It is a natural shampoo that contains hibiscus, aloe vera and curry leaves. Aloe vera is the exotic ingredient that promotes hair growth and reduces dandruff. It acts as a good conditioner which soothes and eradicates any kind of scalp problems. Use the shampoo for relieving scalp itchiness and also for the reduction of scalp redness and inflammation.

Aroma Treasures Hibiscus Shampoo is one of the exceptional products of the brand Aroma Treasures for gaining a thick and lustrous hair. The company specializes in the manufacture of Natural Cosmetic products and includes a wide range of products. Use the Hibiscus Shampoo to effectively prevent hair loss and to promote a long and healthy hair.

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