Aroma Treasures Patchouli Pure Essential Oil

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Size: 10 ML

Skin Type: All skin types

Formulation: Oil

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Aroma Treasures Patchouli Pure Essential Oil

The ideal way of regenerating your skin cells is by making use of this Patchouli Pure Essential Oil of Aroma Treasures. This essential oil serves as an excellent remedy for scars and wounds and has numerous health benefits. It significantly tightens and tones sagging skin. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it perfect for calming down skin problems like acne, sunburn, eczema and other forms of dermatitis. It serves good in treating acne by way of regulating sebum production. It also treats dandruff significantly and has numerous fungicidal properties that makes it suitable for treating athlete’s foot, jock itch and other fungal problems of the skin.  The oil can be used by both men and women and its natural formulation makes it the best remedy for healing inflamed or cracked skin, dermatitis, acne and eczema.

Patchouli Pure Essential Oil from Aroma Treasures is one of the versatile oils that has a wide range of benefits. All the products manufactured by Aroma Treasures are natural without any synthetic fragrances. The products are derived through latest scientific development and are carefully formulated aromatherapy products that effectively enhance the beauty of the individuals. These products are useful for supporting and maintaining a healthy skin. 

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