Aroma Treasures Petitgrain Pure Essential Oil

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Size: 10 ML

Skin Type: All skin types

Formulation: Oil

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Aroma Treasures Petitgrain Pure Essential Oil

Eliminate your fatigue and stress effectively by using this Petitgrain Pure Essential Oil of Aroma Treasures. The pure essential oil has a fresh, woody and slightly floral fragrance which energizes and uplifts one’s mind and keep oneself relaxed and stress-free. This oil is pale yellow to amber in color with a watery viscosity. The therapeutic properties of the oil include antiseptic, deodorant, anti-spasmodic, sedative and anti-depressant. This oil is highly effective in reducing stress and stress related conditions and especially in controlling panic and anger. It significantly relaxes the body, eases breathing, reduces faster heart beat and relaxes stomach pain and muscle spasms. This essential oil serves as convalescing (recovery of one’s health) after an illness. It is also used to clear up acne, greasy skin and excessive perspiration while toning the skin.

The products of Aroma Treasures are derived through the latest scientific development and all the ingredients used in the manufacture of the products are chosen carefully to ensure 100% results. These aromatherapy products produce an aromatic effect which relaxes, invigorate and lighten the mind of the people. Resolve your nervous problems and recover your health after any illness by way of using this Petitgrain Pure Essential Oil of Aroma Treasures.

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