Berrys Pedicure Foot Mask


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Size: 400 / 1000 GM

Application area: Feet

Skin Type: All skin types

Formulation: Cream

Ideal for : Unisex

Price: Rs.280

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Berrys Pedicure Foot Mask

The Pedicure Foot Mask from Berrys comes with beautiful Kokum butter and alpha hydroxyl acids.  This amazing foot mask will allow you to make your feet look a million dollars.  It’s hard to ensure the feet stay healthy and looking great, especially when you’re on them all day.  What is more, the type of shoes can seriously damage them too, and no one can resist wearing those gorgeous heels that end up hurting our feet.  However, that is why this pedicure foot mask by Berrys is a good option to consider.  Berrys Pedicure Foot Mask will allow you to get your feet back to how you want them to look – beautiful and young.

Getting your feet stand out is no longer difficult, not when you use the foot mask.  You simply apply this to your feet as you would normally apply to your face.  The mask needs to be evenly applied throughout the whole foot and even the toes; this can be left on for a short while and removed.  However, when the mask is removed, you are certainly going to feel a big difference.  You will love how your feet look and now they are not only ready for the day ahead but they don’t hurt.  The Berrys pedicure foot mask is suitable for men and women and can come in 1000 and 400 gram jars.

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