BioCare Whitening Face Wash


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Size: 150 ML

Application area: Face

Skin Type: Combination

Formulation: Gel

Ideal for : Unisex

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BioCare Whitening Face Wash

Specially designed for young skin between 20 and 30 years, this nourishing cream with mulberry extract is recommended for dry skin. Action: Specially designed to meet the needs of dry skin, this cream has a light texture while a rapid absorption. These properties have a rapid effect, reaching the deeper layers of skin. In addition to the powerful moisturizing, mulberry extract nourishes and due to increased Vitamin C helps regenerate them, protects against free radicals, guilty of premature aging. Mulberry extract has antibacterial effects, helping skin with acne and blackhead problems. The increased activity of the sebaceous glands and dead skin cells clog the skin pores on the surface. Formulated with a high content of salicylic acid reduces skin imperfections and gives a matte finish. The brightness of the skin, blackheads and pimples is unlikely to survive after such treatment. BioCare Whitening Face Wash acts precisely because detachable brush that unclog pores in just 30 seconds. This product hydrates, softens, nourishes and protects the skin, maintains natural pH balance, providing deep skin elasticity and hydration.

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