Ergo Dead Sea Salt-Clearer and Smoother Texture


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Ergo Dead Sea Salt-Clearer and Smoother Texture

While we pay attention to our body very keenly, we often leave knees, elbows and our feet uncared for, which makes the skin of these part stiff, flaky and blackened. The ergo dead sea salt cleaner and smoother is a rich luxurious cream which gives you the treatment for tough skin on your elbows, knees, and feet. This rich cream contains, dead sea salts and other sea nutrients which help scrub off the dead skin from these areas and give it the new found skin which is soft to touch and fair in colour. This cream gives you’re the elasticity and soft feel, and cleans away the harsh firmness that the skin generally gets like in these areas. This cream application also enhances the tone of your skin, by enhancing blood circulation in these parts of the body which we generally don’t take care of. The oil from the salt in the ergo dead sea salt cleaner and smoother, will be left behind on your skin which will keep providing it with moisture and nourishment to revitalize it and make it soft.

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