Meera Herbal Hair Wash Powder


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Size: 40 / 80 / 120 GM

Application area: Hair

Hair Type: All hair types

Formulation: Powder

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Meera Herbal Hair Wash Powder

Meera Herbal Hair Wash Powder is a kind of hair tonic, but in powder form. It is enriched with the magical properties of seven natural ingredients such as shikakai which is an herb, green gram, Tulsi or holy basil, vetiver, reetha or soap nut, hibiscus and fenugreek. While shikakai and hibiscus, both are known to have cleansing and conditioning effects on hair, reetha or soap nut helps in cleaning hair deeply, green gram are helpful both in cleansing hair, fenugreek helps in hair conditioning. All these ingredients help in hair growth and hair renewal.  The powder just has to be mixed with water to form a paste which can then be applied from hair roots to its tip. With its rich and beneficial natural ingredients, the hair wash powder is helpful in preventing and controlling hair fall, in addition to strengthen hair roots and helping hair grow. This Herbal hair wash powder also helps keep the head cool. Though in powder form, it has same cleansing and cleaning properties as that of a shampoo. It cleans hair, scalp thoroughly, but also gentle. It is available in plastic pouches as well as bottles.

According to Ayurvedic literature, one of the causes of hair problems could be excess body heat. Cool your body with a weekly routine of oiling your hair before you take a bath with Meera Herbal Hair wash Powder. It is an aromatic blend of roots, flowers and leaves from seven natural herbs. It contains Shikakai, Green gram, Tulsi, Vetiver and Reetha that cleanse your hair and leaves it fresh and shiny, whilst Hibiscus and Fenugreek act as deep conditioners, strengthening each strand of hair from root to the tip. Meera takes its inspiration from tradition and brings the goodness of time-tested practices in a convenient form. The traditional routine of oil bath with Meera Herbal Hair wash Powder cools your body, strengthens and nourishes your hair from root to tip, giving you healthy and problem-free hair.

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