Opal Moisturising lotion


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Opal Moisturising lotion

Opal Moisturizing Lotion is enhanced with an active formulation powered by natural ingredients and hence acts smoothly and effectively on the skin. Often skin tends to get dry when the natural moisture of the skin is lost due to several reasons such as stress, external environment, accumulation of dirt and exposure to the sun. Treating skin with an effective moisturizer will only solve the issue. As body, the skin also requires nourishing to keep it healthy. The moisturizing lotion contains ingredients that give proper nourishment to the skin so that the skin remains moisturized and nourished for long. It repairs the skin from within and hence gives the skin a complete care so that the skin does not break out or becomes dry. Opal Moisturizing Lotion is gentle on the skin because of its mild formula and is safe and effective for different skin types.  Its regular use helps keep the skin hydrated and nourished and also keeps the skin revitalized and refreshed. The lotion is available in an attractive pink plastic bottle with a flip cap.

Takes care of your skin by providing hydration and nourishment to it. Revitalises skin to give it a supple, smooth and healthy look. for normal to dry skin.

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