Oriflame Blush Brush


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Oriflame Blush Brush

The oriflame blush brush is an inexpensive soft brush that is perfect for day to day make up. This blush brush is fluffy and soft and gives a smooth application. One might use it for a night or day makeup with any blush shades and can get the most flawless application. This soft touch brush does not irritate skin as it is not hard or rough. The bristles are not weak and so do not fall off. Apart from using it as a blush brush, it can also be used for contouring. Blush and bronzer both can be easily applied using this brush. Unlike other hard bristle brushes, this brush does not dig into the powder blush. It picks up the right amount of blush and gives a flawless finish. It is also easy to clean and does not need much effort. This blush brush by oriflamme is highly recommended for a gorgeous makeup.

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