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when can i expect delivery?
i have ordered the following on 7th sept 2014 ; Indola Innova Smooth Serum Finish IN36012 Lotus Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock SPF40
  • Hi Priyasha,
                    Based on your destination, we are hoping that the order would reach you by 12th of September. We would include a tracking Email upon the dispatch of your shipment. In the rarest of cases, If it does not reach in the given time, Please give us a call on +91 9790150505. We will escalate the shipping priority and expedite it immediately.
    If there are any questions or concerns, Please contact us.

    Nikith Jain
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how to track an order when booked as guest
Hi, I have ordered a product on 12th Sept with the guest checkout,I have got a mail with the new coupon code to apply for a discount.Though i have buyed the product as guest.please let me know how to apply this coupon and check the status of product
  • Hi Pranita,
                        Thank you for reaching out to us. You could use this coupon on your next purchase with us.
    To avail the offer, Simply use the coupon while checking out with your cart. The discount will be calculated on your cart value.
    For any questions or concerns, Please contact us.
    Jeni jacob
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How many days are required for you to ship the product to other state ?
  • Hi there.
                     We ship most of our products within 24 hours. Depending on your state, We could tell you the estimate shipping time.

    Kindly reply back with the products that you are looking for and the shipping address.
    Soundariya lakshmi
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Hello I would like to place an on-order from your website. Would you please confirm that you are able to deliver items to address in London, England? I am able to pay in Indian ruppes and happy to pay for additional shipping costs. Regards Pradip
  • Kindly change the Currency to USD on the upper right corner of the page. With that change, you should be able to checkout with the PayPal.
    Hope that helps.
    siva sathyaraj
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What is the shipping policy
What is the minimum amount of purchase required to avoid any shipping charges
  • Shipping is free for orders above Rs.700. Hope i helped :)
    K Shiva Kumaran
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how to order the products throu online
  • I would suggest that you using a debit or a credit card. Net Banking is also available. If you are available at home to receive your order all the time, you could opt for cash on delivery. Hope that helped! :)
    Sindhu Rajan
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how to order cash on delivery
  • Hi There,
                    After checking out with your cart,  Please select Cash on Delivery as the payment option ( if it is available for your pincode). 

    Or you could call us on +91 9790150505 for tele ordering.
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