New Year Travel Restrictions and Issues

Travel is the human movement between far distant geographical points. Travel can be to nearby places, by land, sea, car, train, plane, boat, bicycle or any other mode and is one way or another. It is a means of transport that involves movement of individuals from one place to another and is sometimes accompanied by activities like shopping, dining, work, studying, watching etc. There are many ways of traveling. The most common ones are air, road, rail and bicycle. Air traveling is the easiest of these as all you need is a ticket.


Over the past few months, the media has been flooded with stories of tourists being detained for carrying fake identification documents. In December, as part of the nationwide holiday celebrations, there was much trouble caused to the general public due to the implementation of the new ID policy. Some of the airlines started using a photograph rather than a name to identify the passenger as someone who had lost his or her ticket. This policy caused much inconvenience to passengers who have lost their tickets. Some people were also arrested for trying to steal the identity of another passenger.

A great way to save on travel expenses in the New Year is a package holiday deal. You can save quite a good amount of money if you take a package tour. The travel agent will organize everything for you and help you reach your destination in the best possible way. A group tour offers you a better travel experience and is more economical as compared to single travel.