Singapore Prize and ATP 250

singapore prize

With its new collaboration with the Textile and Fashion Federation of Singapore (TFFS), the Singapore Prize aims to reimagine Singapore’s creative ecosystem and discover emerging entrepreneurs and creatives tackling real-world problems through innovative design and business. The Prize is open to Singapore-based entrepreneurs with a business plan, prototype or concept that will change the way the world sees fashion. The prize will also help to boost the local creative economy by providing seed funding for entrepreneurs.

Business plan and prototype pitch and selection process for singapore prize

The national University of Singapore (NUS) Entrepreneurship Centre coordinates the S@S, or Singapore Prize. Launched in 1999, the event has a mission of helping new start-ups become global brands and a beacon for entrepreneurial success. It’s produced by the largest angel investment group in the United States, the Tech Coast Angels. Winning companies receive fast-tracked entry into the Tech Coast Angels’ screening process.

Conditions for awarding prizes through a promotion or competition

Unless otherwise stated, all prizes are awarded in Singapore. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred. Contestants agree to abide by the rules of the competition and acknowledge that their entry information may be used in publicity. The prize may not be exchanged for cash, or any other prize. Contestants may not use aliases or any other forms of identity verification. Winners will receive notification by email, and must present their IC/passport for verification.

For prize promotions that fall under one of the exemptions, organizers must notify the Singapore Police Force. The Singapore Police Force, Specialized Crime Policy Branch, and the Criminal Investigation Department, are responsible for monitoring prize promotions and awarding prizes. They must approve any prizes for disposal before they can be given away. If prize promotions do not comply with these requirements, the prize winners can sue the organizers for direct or indirect damages.

The Power of Sharing Contest, organised by Singapore Press Holdings Limited, is a good example. The contest encourages participants to respond to a question by sharing an image, text message, or video link. There are six qualifying periods, each with its own prizes, and the best entry from each period will win a prize. Alternatively, the organizers may decide to conduct the contest through various media, ranging from traditional print to digital media.

ATP 250 event to be held in Singapore in 2021

The ATP 250 event is set to be held in Singapore from February 22 to 28, 2021, with the city-state getting a one-year license to host the event. The event will be managed by the Singapore Tennis Association and Sport Singapore, and will be supported by the city-state’s Sports Hub and tourism board. If the event is successful, it will pave the way for future men’s tennis events in Singapore.

As part of this project, the ATP has also announced that three new cities will be hosting events in 2014: Marbella, Belgrade, and Singapore. In addition, three existing cities will be host to 250cc events in 2020, with Singapore and Belgrade to be added to the list in 2021. In response to growing concern from tennis associations around the world about the aging of the sport’s workforce, the ATP has extended the calendar for its 250cc tournaments.

In addition to expanding the number of ATP events in the future, the ATP has also announced new schedule adjustments for the 2021 season. Two new ATP 250 events have been granted single-year licences. The Singapore event will be held 22-28 February after the Australian Open, and the Marbella event will be held from April 5 to 11. The ATP men’s tour also approved the expansion of qualifying draws for a number of tournaments, including the US men’s claycourt championships.