The Deep Meaning of Designing

A design is basically a mathematical or geometric blueprint or description of the structure of an object, system or activity, or the resultant of this blueprint or description in the form of some physical prototype, item or procedure. The verb to design normally refers to the process of producing a design by means of some useful technique. The term design may also be used in connection with computer designing. Designing is usually associated with art and architecture. In technical terms, the word design can refer to the blueprint representations of assemblies of matter, machines or software systems.


Designing means seeing the end result of a process and the use of human imagination, aesthetic sense and other cognitive processes in making the best possible design of the end product. Designing has many applications in the technological and social fields. The meaning of design thinking is intimately connected with problem-solving and the process of innovation. The discipline of architecture gives examples of the value of design thinking in building construction and design of spaces and facilities.

The field of industrial designing has a very deep meaning that cannot be described by words. It involves the process of designing products and its components from inception until they are ready for sale. Designing is used for solving problems in engineering, architecture, healthcare, military and civil engineering.