The Scope of Wordwide Info

In some dictionaries, the word “wordwide” means worldwide or global. In its most basic sense, this word refers to the totality of human beings, to all of existence and to everything that was and is. The scope of this word has been conceptualized in different contexts. For some authors, the scope of worldwide knowledge encompasses only language usage and social communication. For others, it extends to politics, ethics and sociology.

wordwide info

To get a better understanding of wordwide info, it would be helpful to have a better understanding of what terminology experts mean when they use it. For most of these experts, the scope of wordwide info is limited to technological systems. Information technology, computer sciences and other technological fields all have different theories about how people communicate, develop ideas and organize knowledge. Some theories regarding the scope of wordwide info include technological singularity, mass customization, systems/network theory, global culture, digital humanities, knowledge management theory, knowledge economy and systems theory. All these theories share a common theoretical theme of relating knowledge about a particular technology, mass communications or information system with cultural practices and institutions.

In short, wordwide info refers to those facts that can be found in all disciplines and across all domains. It is therefore very important to develop a wide range of references to support one’s research. One can find extensive bibliographic databases, journals and reference works that provide extensive worldwide info. These databases are usually accessible for free, though some web citations require a nominal fee. This can be done by consulting the American Libraries Association web site or via ALA’s retrieval service.