Understanding the Concept of Marketing

Marketing is not only for selling stuff online. It’s also a strategy used by companies to advertise their brands and influence public opinion. For example, let’s say that you’re a clothing manufacturer and you’ve started creating clothes for children. You start advertising your products and making them available for sale in children’s shops.

Your aim is to gain market share for your brand and to encourage consumers to purchase more of your products. But how do you go about marketing this concept successfully? Well, firstly you’ll need to understand what marketing is: The concept of marketing is basically about encouraging purchases of particular items by people who are interested in them and that can’t find anything else like it. Marketer usually use techniques such as producing TV commercials, sending mail pieces, creating websites and even going door-to-door using volunteers.

However, social marketing concepts are different. It focuses on influencing the buying behavior of consumers and on selling to them without the need of any form of advertisement. Marketing management consultants can help in formulating appropriate social marketing strategies which include target consumer research, identification of their buying preferences, assessment of potential vendors, measuring the acceptance level of the strategies, measurement of gains, and the evaluation of effectiveness. Marketing management consultants can also provide guidance in formulating marketing plans and helping organizations develop their marketing plans.