An Overview of Marketing Define

Marketing is the act of deliberately stimulating demand for products and services; including statistical selection of an intended target market; establishment of certain characteristics or traits into the production mix of a product or service; and analysis of potential customer needs. It is also used to evaluate the marketing effectiveness of a product or service by observing how customers react to it. Marketing also involves the study of customer preferences and buying habits in the market, and research of new ideas that might be successful for promotion. Marketing is also used to determine whether new forms of a product or service are worth developing, and if so, how to introduce them. Marketing is an important element in businesses to bring in new clients and to maintain old ones.


There are several marketing definitions, each one defining marketing differently. Marketer determine their marketing objectives, including audience size, gender, and other factors such as product or service type, competition, and target market. Marketers then plan strategies to reach these target markets, including promotions, advertisements, and events.

Marketing also involves research and development of new ideas and materials to promote a business, to develop new or improved products or services, or to change existing products or services to make them better. With marketing budgets getting tighter for many companies, some marketers are turning to non-traditional methods such as direct mail, telesales, and word of mouth to generate sales. Marketing is an essential part of any business’s success, and the ability to successfully market is a crucial skill that should not be overlooked. Brand image and reputation management are just a few of the marketing techniques used today.