Marketing Is Not an Art, But is an Important Part of Business Development

The art of marketing is not as difficult as some would believe. In fact, marketing is not an art at all, it is simply a strategy that is put into place to draw public attention, attract prospective customers, gain brand recognition, increase sales and make a profit. Marketing has become one of the most important factors in today’s business world and is certainly a vital element in helping businesses to achieve their marketing objectives.

Marketing is the process by which one makes known the services or products offered by another in order to drive sales and build customer loyalty. Marketing is not an art but is actually a science that incorporates many different elements. There are marketing techniques, tools, strategies, forms, and formulas that are utilized to reach potential customers. Marketing is not limited to promotional activities or to any one specific concept. Marketing is the process by which one consciously stimulates demand for, and sales of products and services; potential inclusion of a specific target audience; determination of certain characteristics or themes of the product or service to be marketed; as well as the implementation of marketing ideas to achieve these goals.

In addition, marketing is a practice that integrates advertising and the concept of the brand image, as well as the notion of quality, price, reliability and the benefits derived from using particular products or services. Marketing is also an element of planning and inventing strategies for attaining specific business objectives. Marketing is a critical component of product development. It includes basic research, development of an advertising campaign, and the monitoring of its success. All aspects of marketing are dependent upon the knowledge base of marketers.