What Is Design Thinking and Why is It So Important?

A design is a pattern or specifications Result sgp for the structure of an object, a machine, system or process and/or for the production of a finished product, prototype or process, or the resultant of this design. The verb to design normally indicates the process of producing a design by means of some form of creative problem-solving exercise. In applied linguistics, the term design refers to the conventions by which people select and employ language. Design is also used in business to refer to the quality of a product, its effectiveness in satisfying users or its suitability for particular purposes.


To better illustrate the meaning of the term design, let us consider one of the most widely used terms, the color wheel. It can be said that color theory deals with the systematic combination of primary and secondary colors in order to produce a variety of colors, each of which contributes to the entire vision, which can be seen at any distance and under any light. The primary colors are red, yellow and blue, while the shades of these colors are white, pink, gray and black. This colorful wheel has 11 examples, and every color has a set of related hues in which it is found in nature.

The three examples given above – which are only representative – help to demonstrate how designers make things different. By considering design thinking in various contexts and varying the ways of presenting the same information, designers are able to reach new depths in formulating problems and thereby achieve remarkable success. Designers use many other forms of design thinking, such as research, visual modeling, client management, production planning and user experience design. The essence of the three examples presented above is that the work process is made significantly easier by taking into account the effect colors have on people’s emotions. Design Thinking thus enables designers to provide services which would otherwise not have been possible.