Wordwide Info – Search Word Wide Web Files Directly

Wordwide info is a database of all the files in the Word Wide Web (usually called WWW) which can be accessed by a common browser. This includes the files, links, pictures, documents etc which are found on the World Wide Web and accessible to people worldwide by just typing a keyword in any of the popular search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. Wordwide was created by Microsoft to make it easier for its users to search the data base of Word. The Wordwide database contains the latest version of all the Word documents stored in all the versions of Word.

wordwide info

Since Word is such a powerful tool that changes constantly the way the information is stored so it’s vital to keep a backup copy of the data base so that changes can be made manually when needed. In addition there is software that is available on the internet called a ‘word patch’ which will enable you to enable Word to search the information database through other Word applications like excel. There is also the option to download Wordwide info directly from Microsoft. Some users however still prefer to have the files searched individually.

Most search engines such as Google and MSN use the same databases so one search would not return the same set of files as another search. Each search engine uses different software and programs to search the information and stores the results in their own proprietary databases. If the file you need is not in any of these databases you will get a relevant error message. This is because the search engine cannot access the Word Wide Web directly as it is controlled by Microsoft and only a small number of people have privileged rights to access Word Wide Web directly.